How can Space-Tiger help you?

Most Common Problem:

Few of us are blessed with exactly the house or the apartment we need. Regardless, if we live in a fixer upper or a newly renovated place, if a space doesn’t fulfill its purpose it doesn’t work for us and will in time become a source of frustration. The most common problem we face is that we don’t seem to have a big enough space to accommodate our needs. Therefore, it lacks functionality, comfort and desire to utilize it. And we are quick to define what we lack!

How can Space-Tiger help you?

Small living spaces are a reality for many. However, there is no need to feel completely confined by your square footage. While you may focus on what isn’t there, I make use of what is there; I expand your space – or rather give an illusion of it. To me, it is not the size of a space that matters; it is how I choose to fill the space. Sometimes my solution can be as simple as furniture placement, proper lighting and a coat of color to transform a space into a beautiful, bright and functional room. Other times, I’m inclined to go with my highly developed DIY spirit and customize space configuration and its elements to exact specifications in order to achieve the perfect fit even in tight or odd spaces.

My Strategies…

Paw   eliminating clutter

Paw   providing smart storage solutions

Paw   visual opening of the space

Paw   painting walls

Paw   adjusting furniture

Paw   accentuate lighting

Paw   accessorizing and decorating