Space-Tiger’s Expertise

I love what I do. Living larger and better isn’t a trend but an ever-evolving lifestyle. There is never only one solution for optimally upgrading a home and effectively improving personal space. There are many fabulous options to choose from when presenting clients with the “perfect” solution. Even though perfection doesn’t exist, space-tiger never seizes to strive for it.

Claiming to be the expert in the field of maximizing space and upgrading homes is in today’s competitive workforce largely accepted. It may be an effective strategy in landing new jobs, but unfortunately, this is where it often ends, but not with space-tiger.

Space-Tiger empowers its service, both in the present and long term, by actively focusing on its clients needs. Creative strategies, innovative ideas and problem-solving skills are continuously explored and developed.

Space-Tiger can never brainstorm enough, design enough, create enough to know enough and succeed enough. Every project is a learning opportunity that profoundly and positively affects our ability to grow more confident and gather more valuable experience.

Space-tiger challenges itself to reach further and aim higher. It reaches its fullest potential by continuously focusing on expanding its vision, designing out of the box and delivering mind-blowing results.


My Expertise…

Paw   bedrooms

Paw   family rooms/dens

Paw   office spaces

Paw   play rooms

Paw   dream nooks

Paw   pantries

Paw   closets

Paw   general storage

Paw   basements

Paw  stair tuckers

Paw   mud rooms

Paw   garages

Paw   gardens

Paw   porches

Paw   no man’s land