Customize and DIY

Customize for your perfect fit

Small spaces don’t have to make you feel like you live in a small space. Sometimes the only limit to how big small spaces can feel is a little DIY spirit to maximize space. When you take control of building furnishings, storage and more, you can control the size of what you’re making and also plan ahead for what kind of things you’ll need to display and store in the future. Customizing for the perfect fit only takes imagination, creativity and a toolbox.

Picture Perfect

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Perfect Home

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Multi-Purpose Furniture

   When you’re living in a small space, chose functional furniture. For example, a chest seat, vintage trunk on wheels or an ottoman can double up as a coffee table with built-in storage but could also be used as additional seating for extra guests.    A desk sometimes takes up too much room. Use a table… Read More

Moveable Walls

Curtain Walls

How to Shop

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