Event Corners at Home

Don’t be surprised about space-tiger leaving its paw prints on home events and gatherings, too! After all, we make spaces not only functional but beautiful, too.

Space-Tiger aims to accentuate the unique setting of your event by tying all the elements of your special occasion together, regardless whether you’re celebrating a person or a cause. No matter what kind of event or intimate get-together you’re hosting, Space-Tiger strives to understand what aspects you want to emphasize when celebrating, what theme you are going with and what the message is you want to convey.

Space-tiger knows how to transform any area of your home into a unique and personalized space for a special occasion. Whether you’re hosting family, friends, clients or employees, a warm and intimate atmosphere, allows you to nurture personal connections with your guests while they feel pampered, comfortable and at ease;

Our personalized décor features a variety of fresh flower arrangements, beautiful accessories, party favors, and souvenirs, and we obviously don’t limit ourselves to providing them in isolation. Space-tiger styles and decorates your space beautifully, where your memories, just as beautiful are in the making. How else can ONE unique event last forever?

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