Multi-Purpose Furniture

You may not see the potential of making your space larger without increasing the actual square footage in size, but space tiger’s innovative approach finds new ways to create space. We eliminate the need for numerous furniture pieces in tight spots by introducing multipurpose furniture, where one piece of furniture effectively serves many purposes by performing many primary functions while tucking away items in hidden storage compartments.

Paw   When you’re living in a small space, chose functional furniture. For example, a chest seat, vintage trunk on wheels or an ottoman can double up as a coffee table with built-in storage but could also be used as additional seating for extra guests.

Paw   A desk sometimes takes up too much room. Use a table that can double as a workspace and place to eat. A panel on legs with small wheels is mobile and can be used for different purposes throughout your space but if this solution is still too invasive that same panel made of wood or metal can fold flat against a wall but fold out for a desk, working or cooking surface making the most of your eating-slash-living area.

Paw   If you have occasional overnight guests and only the living room to crash in, opt for a daybed rather than a bulky pull-out sofa. Cover your daybed with a bed spread and a few fluffy pillows to make it nice and comfy and use it as your “couch” to watch TV and hand out with friends.

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