A Playroom is the perfect retreat for your little ones.

The concept of a playroom in all its simplicity is unique. It is a room inspired by your children while designed and equipped by parents who want their kids safe and happy even when not under parental supervision. The space itself should create a timeless atmosphere free of command structures, agenda or defined rules. It should not only look but also feel like a space that kids want to escape to; a space that’s calming yet exciting and fun where creativity and great ideas emerge. education and stimulation.

Some tips to keep in mind;


Don’t bother with carefully revised blueprints, detailed floor plans and effective closet arrangements. This is kid domain. Your efforts of keeping this place tidy and organized will prove fruitless. After all, your kids enjoy nothing more than taking everything apart and making a big mess! The art of making the space look neat lays in disguising storage. Kids’ toys will eventually always take over; by using containers, crates or bins that can be hidden behind cabinet doors, you keep the space visually clean and uncluttered.


Choose flooring that is easily cleaned, such as a laminate. It looks and feels warmer than tiles. For softer impacts, comfy floor time and bare footers put down a big area rug that can be rolled up.


Keep a low profile with furniture in small dynamic spaces. Big and bulky furniture has an overwhelming effect on a small footprint. Consider bean bags instead of a couch. They are soft, squooshable, light and can be moved easily when in the way. If your kids are little artists and enjoy painting and coloring, use a table that’s easily cleaned and folds down against the wall when not in use. Gaining these extra inches makes a remarkable difference and your kids face fewer obstacles when pursuing a target across the room.

Walls and Colors:

Small spaces do better with neutral and light colors. They will make a small room appear bigger and airier. There are many soothing and warm colors and wall papers out there that make a room bright and happy. Go bold and daring when accessorizing! Choose one strong color for a rug, picture, stuffed animal and a book shelf. This color will tye the space together by accentuating its warmth.