Room Dividers

There is nothing more delightful than an open floor plan in your living quarters. When freed of permanent walls and support pillars, there’s an unobstructed flow within your space that pulls the eye further out making your home seem lighter and bigger. 

However, the need for privacy and discretion – even when living alone – complicates open floor plan living which grants guests and visitors not only visual access of your belongings but also a good look into your lifestyle.

How can we enjoy open floor living AND privacy, not wanting to give either up?

The answer is room dividers.

The charm of a room divider, as opposed to a wall is impermanence. Room dividers or space separators adapt to our needs by maintaining flexibility. We achieve comfortable living ‘outside the box’ by thinking ‘outside the box’.

Be creative and innovative when choosing suitable room dividers. There are a wide variety of products out there that will fulfill this purpose in a fun, funky and functional way even if by name they weren’t designed for this purpose.

Even though room dividers can be mobile and moved completely out of the way such as curtains or sliding doors to serve our needs of moments, they don’t need to be. As long as air and light can circle through or around them, the dynamic of flow in our space is not being compromised. Room dividers do not only effectively define our space but also decorate it with a glimpse of personality.

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